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Dr. Andrew Parnell


Works at – Chartered statistician at University College Dublin

Teaches – Stable Isotope Mixing Models Using SIAR, SIBER and MixSIAR (SIMM)

– Time Series Models for Ecologists and Climatologists (TSME)

Andrew is a chartered statistician and lecturer with over 10 years’ experience. He enjoys working with big, messy data sets which have hidden relationships that only statistical methods can uncover. Andrews main expertise is in – Feature/variable selection; Multivariate analysis; Stochastic processes and time series analysis; Bayesian inference; Spatial and spatio-temporal modelling; Computational statistics.

He has applied such methods in a diverse range of fields including Climate change (estimating past changes in climate from pollen, estimating changes in extreme for Ireland’s future, estimating worldwide rates of sea level change); Proteomics (finding biomarkers for prostate cancer; Veterinary Science (estimating the factors contributing to elite racehorse ability); Archaeology (radiocarbon dating and age-depth model building); Ecology (stable isotope mixing models to estimate animal diets, monitoring fisheries discard rates in the Irish Sea).

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